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Things to do before you even start packing:

Packing Supplies List

Put together a list of all the packing supplies you will need before packing starts. Include items such as boxes (Book Boxes; Medium Boxes and Large), packing tape, bubble wrap, marking pens, and furniture wraps. Nothing kills the momentum of packing, as one of you having to run down to UHaul to buy another 4-pack of tape.

As a veteran of far too many moves; what drives me nuts is when its 9:30pm at night and I just want to pack five more boxes to feel productive. I look around and realise all the boxes I have are too big and the packing process grinds to a halt.

Plan To Treat Yourself

Put $30 aside in a jar long before packing day (or packing week!). Then go out to eat that night and wind down. That way you don't have to worry about not packing a few plates, knives, forks, dish-washing liquids, pots and pan, and all the other stuff you would need to make a meal in the middle of a move. We always go to Fridays; as they do not seem to mind us turning up smelly and and are open late. As we have already saved the money earlier, its a stress free treat, at what can be an expensive time.

Size Your Storage Unit

Not sure how big a storage unit you will need. Visit the facility where you want to store your items. You could call them , but they'll be more likely to give you the proper time the question needs if you are there in person, rather than some anonymous phone call. Now I know you are think that a storage facility manager has a vested interest in selling the biggest unit possible, but as you are visiting them in person, you can ... how shall we say ... sort out the wheat from the chaff. The manager is also well aware that they are entering into what may be a long term financial relationship with you, and annoying you by overselling a unit is not in their best term interests.

Take a list of what you are going to be storing. List your furniture (indoor and outdoor furniture) plus a rough guest of the number of boxes. That way the storage facility manager can help you determine the best size storage unit for your needs.


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